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Field Trips & Groups

Group Rates and Schools
SonHarvest Seasons is happy to offer group rates to schools, clubs and organizations that make arrangements ahead of time. We offer student rates called our $5.00 deal. This includes admission to the corn maze and one basketball sized or smaller orange pumpkin. This offer allows only one pumpkin selection at this price per person; Any additional pumpkin purchases will be charged at normal prices. Groups other than schools must be 15 people or more, same rates apply. To arrange a field trip or group activity please call SonHarvest Seasons at (307) 856-6616. We make it our goal to return phone calls as quickly as possible. Feel free to leave a message if needed and we will return your call as soon as possible.
Note: If you are using a Purchase Order, please bring a copy for us as well as the one you will be taking back with you.
Night Runs
    Corn Maze Night Runs are allowed by appointment only. We require one adult sponsor per five youth. The safety and responsibility of anyone using the corn maze at night is entirely that of the organization or sponsor requesting the use of the corn maze. Adult organizations are welcome. We wish for all corn maze enthusiasts to enjoy a safe and festive experience. Group rates do not apply for Night Runs. $8.00 per person for Corn Maze Night Runs
Absolutely no individual is allowed in the corn maze after dark without the express knowledge and consent of SonHarvest Seasons.

Special Deals
Organizations or individuals interested in money making opportunities, or bulk orders please contact SonHarvest Seasons for special rates.(307)856-6616 Or Message us on Facebook!


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