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Produce Stand

  We wanted to provide you with a place where you could find a current list of our products. This list will be updated every year as our selections and prices change.

Asparagus-   Mid May-June- prices vary. Please call for updated pricing.

Raspberries- Available in Full flats (2- approximately 3 lb containers), half flats, quarts, pints, and half pints. $5.00-$32.00 Call for special deals

Pumpkins- $5.00 for regular basketball size, ranges up to $15.00 for large, and on up to jumbo pumpkins that are $30 to $50, and back on down to $0.50 for extra small pumpkins

Specialty Pumpkins-pricing same as above, based on size

Pie pumpkins                                        
White pumpkins
Gray Pumpkins                                                                     
Cinderella Red Pumpkins
Bloodshot Eye Pumpkins
Red Warty Things-Pumpkins                                                                  
Ornamental Pumpkins, white and orange

Squash- pricing also based on size
Hubbard Squash                                                                                                          
Butternut Squash                                                                          
Buttercup Squash
Turks Turban
Acorn Squash
Sunspot Squash
Delacata Squash
American Tondo
Marina DiChioggia 
Corn Stocks
Straw Bales
Ornamental Corn
And Probably Something I've Missed
Oh Also...We have home made, with our own Raspberries, Raspberry Jam!  

Because weather and growing conditions change so drastically year to year this list is not all inclusive. Please call if you are looking for something specific.

    Our products become available beginning in May and clear through the summer ending on November first. We love to provide you with a wide variety of fresh naturally grown produce! If you have any questions about our fresh produce or if you have a suggestion about a product you would like to see us carry in the future. (307)856-6616 also See us on Facebook!


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